• Swimmers must not use any form of means which make swimming easier

  • No participating swimming helpers allowed

  • The courses are marked by buoys. Kayakists show you the ideal course.

  • Buoys must be passed on the left!

  • Swimmers must leave the water at fixed exits, where they can get refreshment.

  • At water temperatures above 24,9 degrees neos are prohibited, at temperatures below 18 degrees neos are obligatory.

  • The long distance time limit is 5 hours.

  • Competitive swimmers  (S-Swimmers)
    must swim without Neopren regardless of the temperature.
    Swimsuits are permitted.
    With water temperature below 18 degrees Neopren suits are compulsory.

  • General swimmers
    must not use Neopren suits when water temperature is above 24 degrees. But they must use Neopren at water temperature below 18 degrees.
    If you want to swim without Neopren no matter what water temperature, you must use a safty-buoy. This is for your own safty and the visibilty for the water rescue. You can borrow head safty-buoy for free.

Please note:

There is a special registration for competitive swimmers (S-Swimmers).

Only club-swimmers or ice-swimmers can be competitive swimmers (S-Swimmers)


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