• Swimmers must not use any form of means which make swimming easier

  • No participating swimming helpers allowed

  • The courses are marked by buoys. Kayakists show you the ideal course.

  • Buoys must be passed on the left!

  • Swimmers must leave the water at fixed exits, where they can get refreshment.

  • At water temperatures above 24,9 degrees neos are prohibited, at temperatures below 18 degrees neos are obligatory.

  • The long distance time limit is 5 hours.

  • Competitive swimmers  (S-Swimmers)
    must swim without Neopren regardless of the temperature.
    Swimsuits are permitted.
    With water temperature below 18 degrees Neopren suits are compulsory.

  • General swimmers
    must not use Neopren suits when water temperature is above 24 degrees. But they must use Neopren at water temperature below 18 degrees.
    If you want to swim without Neopren no matter what water temperature, you must use a safty-buoy. This is for your own safty and the visibilty for the water rescue. You can borrow head safty-buoy for free.

Please note:

There is a special registration for competitive swimmers (S-Swimmers).

Only club-swimmers or ice-swimmers can be competitive swimmers (S-Swimmers)

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General Conditions of Participation GTC Version.1: 31.01.2020


1 - Scope, subscriber information

(a) The following General Terms and Conditions of Participation (GTC) apply to all persons participating in a competition or in different scores. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

(b) The following General Conditions of Participation regulate the contractual relationship between the organizer and the participants. They are constantly updated and are valid in the version accepted by the participant at the time of registration.

(c) Declarations by a Participant to the Organizer are only valid if they are addressed to the Organizer Salzkammergut Schwimmsport Verein by e-mail: 


2 - Registration, payment conditions & refund, timekeeping

 (a) ONLINE APPLICATION: Registration for all competitions is possible through the website

 (b) When registering via the Internet, via, all participants will receive a confirmation of registration immediately after they have been sent. The listing of a participant's name in the official starter list is proof that the registration data has been duly transmitted to the organizer and payment has been received.

(c) The collection of the starting documents is only possible upon presentation of a photo ID. For ecological reasons (waste prevention) it is not necessary to print out the payment confirmation and bring it with you. Missing amounts are to be paid in cash as part of the starting number issue at the cash desk.

 (d) The participant has the right to a starting place and to the participation in the event, if the registration was carried out properly and the payment of the entry fee was made. Only in case of complete and unjustified cancellation of the event, a refund of the entry fee will be considered. However, there is no legal claim to services that were announced free of charge by the organizer (StarterInnenpaket). The conclusion of a cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

(e) Changes in the route or in the course of the event are always possible on the part of the organizers, v. a. for security reasons or due to regulatory requirements.

 (f) Timing is not possible without STARTNUMBER.


3 - Participation, exclusion, disqualification

(a) Anyone who has completed the age of 16 (punctual after the competition also 10-16) is entitled to participate in one of the competitions. Participants under the age of 18 require the consent of a parent or guardian.

(b) Information on the organization and course of the event will be published on the website. Short-term changes can also be announced on the day of the event. Any instructions given by the Organizer or its authorized personnel, which are marked as such, must be followed without exception. Otherwise, the organizers are authorized to exclude and disqualify any persons who violate the express instructions of the organizer or their staff.

(c) The event takes place in all weather conditions. However, in the event of Force Majeure (such as excessive heat, storm), security (such as terror, storm) or governmental orders, the Event may be canceled, canceled prematurely, or modified in the Expiration without any refund of the Registration Fee. In this case there is no obligation for damages of the organizer against the participants.

(d) If a participant has provided incorrect data during the registration, which falsify the assessment of his / her athletic performance, the organizer is entitled to disqualify the respective person. The same applies to persons who are subject to a ban by the NADA or another national sports federation and to persons who are doped at the start. If a participant fulfills any of these points that could lead to disqualification, the registration and thus the contractual relationship between the participant and the organizer is not legally valid, as it does not comply with the terms and conditions of the VUR.

(e) Participants are required to behave in a manner that does not disturb or delay the course of the event and that no other persons are in any way endangered. Otherwise, the organizer and the personnel authorized and appropriately marked by the organizer will at any time have the authority to exclude persons from the event and, if necessary, to disqualify them. Also, the medical service personnel are, in certain circumstances, authorized to prohibit a participant from (further) participating in a competition if, for example, this would endanger the health of a participant.


4 – Disclaimer

(a)The organizer is not liable for material and financial losses not even towards third parties. Participation is at your own risk. You cannot claim indemnification in any form whatsoever and no compensation can be demanded from the organizer, his assistants or any person participating in the organization of the race. The instructions of the organizer must be followed. Parents are liable for their children. The participants accept that liability is excluded for any compensation for injuries or damages of any kind. Participants will not claim compensation against the organizer, sponsors, community, helpers of the organizer in whatever form. I hereby declare that I have sufficiently trained and that I am in full health and that my G.P. has certified my good state of health. I know that I will be disqualified if I change my number or make it unreadable and if I do not follow the instructions of the organizer and his helpers.

(b) In the case of "Force Majeure" (eg excessive heat, storm, waves), security reasons (eg terror, storm) or due to official order, the event may be canceled, canceled prematurely or changed during the course without any claim for reimbursement of the registration fee , In such a case, there is no obligation on the part of the organizer to compensate the participants.

(c) Participants are responsible for having their doctor check their health before attending one of the competitions. The organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participants. For persons who do not have a valid application for the competition in which they participate, the organizer assumes no liability.


5 - Data collection and utilization

(a) By registering for one of the competitions, the participant agrees that their personal data disclosed at the time of registration will be stored and utilized in order to perform the event and to handle it properly. This includes, where appropriate, the transfer of the data to medical services, which supervise the event. The participant further agrees that the personal data disclosed at the time of registration may be forwarded to the company in order to facilitate timekeeping as well as the preparation and publication of the result lists.

(b) Photos, film recordings or interviews with and by the Participant may be distributed and published by the Organizer without any claim for compensation from the Organizer vis-à-vis the Participant.

(c) By registering for one of the competitions, the participant agrees that the personal data disclosed at the time of registration may be published in the starter and result lists. This includes the media distribution in online, print, radio and broadcast media.

(d) By registering for one of the events, the participant agrees that the e-mail address provided at the time of registration may be used by the organizer to provide information regarding the event and the assigned cups. The e-mail address will not be disclosed to third parties.


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