Short info:

  • Time: 31th of July & 1st of August 2020

  • Location: Obertraun, Upper Austria

  • Long distance: 10 kilometers
    sport class: sport-swimmer

    general class: single swimmers and relay teams

  • Middle distance: 5 kilometers

  • Short distance: 2,1 kilometers

  • Aquathlon: 800 meters swim, 4.500 meters run

  • SwimRun: 800 m swim, 4,5 km run, 1,1 km swim, 4,1 km run


Long distance: 10 kilometers


starting point

public bathing beach Untersee

first leg: Untersee – Seeraunzn
first switch

refreshment station for all contestants

second leg: Seeraunzn - Hallstatt Hausergraben
second switch, no getting out of the water!

there wil be a pontoon serving as switching and refresehment station

third leg: Hausgraben - Hallstatt Badeinsel
the third switch and refreshment station

fourth leg: Badeinsel - Obertraun public bathin beach (finish)

Short distance: 2,1 kilometers



Hallstatt Badeinsel (bathing beach)

the course is marked by buoys

Obertraun public bathing beach

Middle distnce: 5 kilometers


Strandbad Obertraun

The route leads along the southern shore of Lake Hallstatt past the mouth of the Traun and is marked with an additional buoy that is swam around on the left. At the bathing island Hallstatt there is a shore leave after going back along the 2.1km route to the Obertraun lido.



are located at the public bathing beach of Obertraun


At the beginning all competitors swim two rounds (about 400 meters each) with a shore leave in the bay of Obertraun.

After that, competitors run two rounds (about 2.250 meters each) on a track of gravel, tarmac and across a meadow without any incline.



are located at the public bathing beach of Obertraun


After 800 m swimming, 4,5 km of running followed before swimming again for 1.1 km. Finally, the participants can still
run 4.1 km.


This sport, which originally comes from Sweden, should also move into the Hallstättersee swimming Marthon weekend!



contact / impress

Bernhard Höll

Laimerweg 13/3

A-4822 Bad Goisern


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