Frequently asked questions

Where must I fix my transponder?

At the ankle, right or left does not matter.

Where can I safely store my valuables and clothes?

You can put all your valuables and clothes into the kitbag or into another bag which we give you. We will carry them from the starting point to the finish in Obertraun. When you hand in your transponder there, we will return your bag with your valuables and clothes.

Must there befour swimmers in the relay team or can there be two only?

Of course, there can be two only. If you want the first swimmer to swim leg 1 and leg 3, and the second swimmer leg 2 and 4, you must organize the transport to the entry positions yourself.

May I deposit my special food at the refreshment stations?

Yes, of course. We have shuttle buses taking the relay swimmers to their starting points and they can transport your special food to the respective refreshment station. 

I have already paid the registration fee, is there a refund?

Sorry, no. However, if you can provide a medical assessment, we can assign your registration fee to next year.

May I use fins?

No, fins are not allowed.

May I swim without a neoprene suit?

You must not use a neo-suit at water temperatures above 24 degress – but suits are obligatory below 18 degrees.

However, you can swim without a neo-suit at any temperature if you have your own accompanying boat. 


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