Bernhard Höll

For my part, sports have always been a welcome change from hectic everyday life.

My favourite sports are biking, jogging and swimming. I strongly believe that doing sports in water  is most fascinating of all.

Water adapts to the outline and size of your body and supports it perfectly as you literally float on it almost weightlessly. In addition to that swimming is among the healthiest sports there are. It improves mental and cognitive skills, strengthens your muscles and locomotor system, your lungs, your heart and it interlinks both sides of your brain. The state of weightlessness is often intensively used in rehab-training.


I really appreciate that sports are my job. Beside being the promoter of this Lake Hallstatt swimming marathon, I am also a member of the Trophy-Team, which annually organizes a mega mountainbike competiton here in the heart of Austria.


Taxi Bad Goisern
Mauna Loa
Autohaus Aigner
Dachstein Salzkammergut

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Bernhard Höll

Laimerweg 13/3

A-4822 Bad Goisern


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